AHACARDS are abstract and very open to interpretation.

Who are AHACARDS intended for? For all creative therapists who like to integrate art and working with the body into their therapeutic work. The cards are available to psychologists, psychiatrists, art therapists, therapists trained in Biosythesis, Pesso boyden therapy, process-oriented therapists and dance/movement therapists.

The cards can be used in many different ways. In this manual I offer short instructions on how to use them. Since I have been using the cards for a long period of time now, I’m also offering inspirational workshops in Liberec and Alfaatelier in Prague for those who are already licensed to work with AHACARDS.

The cards can be used in two basic ways: for individual therapy or group therapy. Choosing appropriate method depends on the specific needs of the client or group of clients. The role of the therapist is to create as much space as possible so that the clients can express themselves freely and discover meanings and hidden points of view together with the therapist.
Postup práce

Working with the cards:

I place 1/3 of the cards colourful side up and 2/3 of the cards body side up. I turn the card over at the end of the process – does it fit or not, what can I change in terms of colour/movement to make it fit?

Method A (feelings)

Chose the card that best represents how you are feeling today.

Method B (work with lifefield model) intended
for more sessions

1. draw a lifefield model (educate on it)
2. go through it
3. colour in individual segments based on your feelings
4. choose an AHACARD for each segment and place it into that segment
5. place the card as far from the essence (center) based on what you felt in the given segment
6. explore the body cards, take different positions, their range and variations
7. explore which position would make you feel better
8. reflection

Method C1 (my life journey)

1. draw your life story in 5 year segments on a strip of paper
2. choose an AHA card for each significant event
3. share and explore movements, or colours; what does it mean for us?
4. turn over a card at the end of each exploration (Does it fit or not? What can I do to make it fit?)

Zadání C2
Method C2
(my journey since last session)

1. select an AHA card for each event that has happened since last session and place the cards on a strip of paper
2. draw a background for each of them
3. explore movements and colours
4. turn the cards over

Zadání D
Method D
(working with restrictive pictures/internalized messages from our parents)

1. write down restrictive phrases that have followed you in your life
2. explore your attitude (and how to change it)
3. turn the card over

AHACARDS workshops

The long-awaited workshops for work with AHACARDS are now available. I have organized three different kinds of workshops.


This workshop is intended for therapists that have never seen AHACARDS before and would like to learn more.
  • 3 000,-
  • Dates:
    • 30.3.2019 Prague
    • 6.4.2019 Liberec
  • Time including a lunch break:
    9:00 – 19:00


is intended for the therapists who have already encountered AHACARDS and would like to own and use a set of AHACARDS.
  • 22 000,-
    (7,000 course, 15,000 card, certificate, manual, license)
  • Dates:
    • 6.7. – 7.7.2019 Prague
    • 18.5. – 19.5.2019 Liberec
  • Time including a lunch break:
    1. den 10:00 – 20:00
    2. den 9:00 – 17:00


For therapists who are already certified to work with AHACARDS.
A one-day inspirational workshop for those searching for further inspiration on how to use the set.
  • 3 000,-
  • Dates: 14.9.2019
  • Where: Pekárkova 305, Liberec 15
  • Time including a lunch break:
    9:00 – 19:00
Who am I?

Iva Ouhrabková

Artist and art therapist. I base my work on Biosynthesis and art-creative therapies. I have been recently connecting art therapy with biosynthesis. This approach resulted in AHACARDS, a creative, kind way of gently reconnecting the clients with themselves with the help of pictures. I think that painting in connection with bodywork (movement, breath and their exploration) is amazing. It allows us to discover creativity in our bodies and also emotions. Colourful expansion activates the energy that is dormant inside us and enables us to find out where our sources are located.

Czech Association for Arttherapy
Czech Institute For Biosynthesis
Association of Ceramics Artists - ČR
The International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) - Geneva